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Dr. John Diaz Abdominoplasty Specialist

The placement of progressive tension sutures is an additional special technique used by Dr. Diaz. This involves using strategically placed stitches along the inside of the abdomen which helps the abdominal skin and fat layer adhere to the underlying abdominal muscles. This ensures a more secure closure of the wound. This technique has been found to improve results and reduces the risk of certain complications after surgery, such as a seroma.  


A seroma is a collection of swelling fluid that accumulates under the abdominal skin after a tummy tuck. Seromas may occur because swelling fluid may collect in spaces between the abdominal muscles and the abdominal skin and fat. Since progressive tension sutures secure the skin and fat tissues down to the abdominal muscles, potential spaces and pockets are prevented. Thus, it is rare for a seroma to form when progressive tension sutures are used. 

Dr. John Diaz Abdominoplasty Specialist
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